Leo woman and Sagittarius man



Leo woman and Sagittarius man both are high spirited and passionate people. They also share common element of fire. They both will always motivate each other to reach new heights in their relationship and love. Sagittarius man will have to put more efforts in relationship otherwise Leo woman can get hurt.

Leo woman:

Leo woman is optimistic and bubbly person. She has friendly and talkative nature which helps her to have many followers. She is always helpful to others and in return seeks proper respect from them. She has royal personality and charm which makes her egoistic person. She likes to draw attention from others. Praise from any person will boost her confidence and if she fails to get such attention then she may also lose her confidence. She is social person and likes to go for outdoor activities. In love, Leo woman can be protective person. She is also very loyal to her lover.

Sagittarius man:

Sagittarius man likes to play with challenges. He is quite honest and simple person. He is also very friendly and active person. He has clever mind accompanied with spirituality. He wants to learn the meaning of life. Thus he may show no interest for being in any relationship. He can have childish nature which makes him adorable person. Most of the times, he is surrounded by ladies friends for his honest and friendly nature. In love, Sagittarius man becomes best friend for his lover. He will make dedicated lover for his lover.


Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Being love is thrilling ideas for Sagittarius man and when he has lover so beautiful and charming, it becomes very interesting pair here. They both show very positive attitude for each other. Sagittarius man has imaginative mind and he can bring many good ideas to work on and Leo woman can show her practicality, innovativeness and hard work to prove it true. They both will love working together given that they cope up well with each other. She loves getting attention from others but she never tries to flirt with others. It hurts her when Sagittarius man is surrounded by his female admirers and seeing him talking to them. It will be good if he understands his mistake by himself and stop doing so.

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Leo woman likes active people and she finds Sagittarius man very active and friendly too. He makes her happy with his honest replies and funny nature. He likes going out and with her they can really enjoy any outdoor activity. They both like socializing; Leo woman has good friends following while Sagittarius man also has many admirers. Leo woman may get jealous of him sometimes but she is happy as long as he returns to her. When he falls for her, he will show same passion as expected by her. He will always try to prove his loyalty to her. Leo woman may find it difficult to have good grip on Sagittarius man but he will always see her as his partner and will respect her.

Leo Woman and Sagittarius Man

Leo woman and Sagittarius man both are very happy in this relationship as same amount of passion is show from both the sides. Such intimacy automatically makes them devoted lovers. Leo woman with her charm and support becomes very good companion for Sagittarius man while he boosts her confidence with his praise for her qualities and smartness.

Leo woman and Sagittarius man always get along well but there are some traits which they never want to compromise with.  Sagittarius man is stubborn person and he wants to see Leo woman equal to him. He can’t see her more successful than him. He will not even praise her in such conditions. He wants to take care of her while she thinks she is strong enough to take care of her. She doesn’t want his security she only strives for his attention. Leo woman and Sagittarius man both can feel trapped in relationship due to their partner’s possessiveness. Leo woman and Sagittarius man both need to give their partner desired freedom to adjust with them. Little respect from both sides will help this relationship grow well.

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